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Haibara Ai ([personal profile] evileyedyawnygirl) wrote2011-11-05 02:35 pm
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Permission Post [for Cape and Cowl]

If your character ever speaks face to face with Haibara Ai, she could detect whether they're trustworthy, susupicious, or dangerous by their scent... or even if they're aligned with someone else, based on similarity of the scent she catches from them.

If you'd rather not have her know what your character's really like, feel free to tell me so here, so he power will be on the fritz whenever they meet!

If you'd like her power to work on your character, also tell me!

And don't worry, she won't get any really specific details through this power, like... I don't know, where your character grew up, their favourite colour, or what they do for a living (unless they smell like gunpowder or clay or something else that most people can normally detect).